“19 Kids And Counting” Star Had Ashley Madison Account


Talk about hypocritical. Remember Josh Duggar? He was the star of the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting.” Yeah, that guy. In 2013, he became the executive director of the Family Research Council, which is a conservative lobbying organization promoting the importance of marriage and family.

It turns out that at the same time that he was heading up that organization, he had multiple accounts at Ashley Madison, a website that people use so that they can discretely try to cheat on their significant others.

Duggar has been having a rough year. Back in May, he had to resign from the Family Research Council after it was reported that he had molested five girls, four of them sisters, back in 2002.

It has now been discovered that someone using a credit card that belongs to him had two accounts at Ashley Madison and paid almost $1,000 worth of subscriptions for two years.

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