23 Dead Drunk Celebs


Though it seems like they have it all, famous people are frequently in the spotlight because they struggle with serious alcohol and drug addictions. Some of them have had the incredible willpower to change their lives and stay away from vice, while others still haven’t found the strength to overcome their problems.

Here’s a list of 23 stars who have battled alcohol (and drug) addiction:

1. Kate Moss

Kate Moss is not only one of the most beautiful and successful women of our time, but also one of the most controversial supermodels ever to walk down the runway. She is known for her shocking statements, problematic behavior and serious alcohol and drug abuse – although she has never admitted to using heroin. Moss did, however, take great pride in her extravagant lifestyle and is quoted to have said: ‘’I haven’t partied since… last Friday.’’

The heroin chic fashion trendsetter was caught drunk (and probably on drugs) in public on more than one occasion and her questionable behavior almost cost Moss her career. It was not until several fashion brands refused to work with her that Moss finally checked into rehab and decided to clean up her act. Though she is still a party girl, Kate is now doing better than ever and remains one of the top-earning models in the world.

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  • Don Lockwood

    Celebs? Mostly wannabees, bad musicians, 2nd rate actors,or somebody wife or kid that thinks they’re famous. No wonder they drink.

  • DrColostomy

    Hope russel brand blows his (very small) brains out!

  • DrColostomy


  • Glen Lewis

    I’ve been plastered so many times I can’t count them; she’s entitled as far as I’m concerned.

  • Glen Lewis

    If I’d gone through as much as Pamela had I’d blown my brains out if I didn’t have something to relax me. I went through less and almost did; I’m glad she’s still here ’cause she’s one of my favorite celebs of all time.

  • Really?

    Peaches died at twenty four, born in 1989 an died in 2014. How would she have processed her mothers death at 16 if she died at 15?