16-Minute Alarming Video Of Jolie That Shook The World (VIDEO)


The National Enquirer posted an alarming video of young Angelina Jolie taken by onetime drug dealer and ex-con Franklin Meyer, who is now 69, who spent the past half-decade fuelling gossip about supplying Jolie with cocaine and heroin to in the late’90s, when she resided in the Upper West Side’s Ansonia Hotel, where the notorious tape was made.

The fact of the matter is that AMI (the Enquirer’s parent company) is trying to make a splash right now,” said an insider who saw the video a few years after it was made. “They’re moving (their headquarters) up from Boca (Raton, Fla.) to New York and they want some buzz.

RadarOnline is also carrying the video on its newly redesigned website.

This Angelina story is ancient history,” said the source. “Pictures like this have been floating around for years. The Enquirer has run pictures like this before. They’re just revisiting old news that they think people have forgotten about and slapping a big ‘exclusive’ on it. The video was probably floating around back then, too. Thing is, nobody cared about video back then.

Celebrity biographer Andrew Morton wrote about her drug abuse habit in 2010, briefly mentioning a shot by Meyer. Morton interviewed Meyer for his book.

She was not a serious career drug addict,” he said of Jolie.However, he added, “Whether you smoke, shoot or snort heroin, in the end you end up in the same place.

Meyer also told Life & Style magazine in 2010 that Jolie was high on cocaine when she appeared in a now-famous interview with Charlie Rose in 2000.

She did the show and then she came back” to his apartment later, he claimed.

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