15 Things You Don’t Know About Drake


Drake Seems To Be Everywhere These Days

The TV star turned rapper is out on tour supporting Nothing Was the Same, his third album, while its hit singles such as “Started from the Bottom” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home” are all over our airwaves.

But Drake being everywhere does not mean that you know everything about him.

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  • Rob Shepheard

    I have NO idea why I read this article. Drake is just another punk who likes to start shit with people in clubs and then let his bodyguards keep him from getting his teeth kicked in like he deserves to have happen. I was surprise that his “goal” is to surpass everything Kanye West has ever done…until I thought a little. Then, it made perfect sense. OF COURSE Drake’s idol is a racist, hateful, punk-bitch who compares himself to the Christ while he drinks too much, commits adultery (having a child with a married woman IS committing adultery), has a child out of wedlock, and is just an all-around douchebag. I think that Drake is coming right along as Kanye’s “Dopple-Douche”. He doesn’t have too far to go….unless he decides to do the world a favor and move to some isolated island & stay away from civilization for the rest if his life. BTW, I am NOT hating on either Drake or Kanye. That would imply that I’m envious or jealous of them. I most assuredly am not. I just think they are both pieces of shit who should be so considerate of the rest of the world and stop breathing oxygen that could be breathed by someone who has something positive to offer society.

    • Kevin Johnston

      You certainly are hating lol