15 Funny Celebrity Dress Mishaps


1. Jessica Chastain

Jessica really stole the show at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival red carpet. She was there for the Foxcatcher premier and looked simply stunning. Her dress was also beautiful and the purple color went perfectly with her ivory white complexion and red locks. She was wearing a silk couture gown with nice ruffles all along the end.

Everything was perfect until the wind started blowing. Thankfully, the dress had a nice fit and Jessica was not revealed, but the tail of dress did start flying around and standing up like a flag while cameras clicked away. She still looked fabulous and we can’t really find any faults with the dress itself, it’s just that there was an unlucky gust of wind blowing at that time that sort of ruined the great red carpet moment for her.

Jessica still looked like she had come directly out of a fairytale and we look forward to seeing what she is wearing at any red carpet event.

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