21 Stars Who Have Hit Rock Bottom


6. Hugh Grant

The world was shocked in 1995 when British actor Hugh Grant was arrested for receiving oral sex from prostitute Divine Brown in Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. Not only was he the poster boy for lovable male characters back then, but was also dating one of a kind beauty, fellow actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Brown later explained that Grant was repeatedly pressing the brake pedal of his car, causing the brake lights to flash, and that’s how the cops realized something was wrong. The scandalous actor eventually only had to pay a small fine and complete an AIDS education program, but his career was also at stake – his first major movie was already scheduled to be released at the time, only two weeks after the incident.

Though everyone was puzzled as to why he would cheat on Hurley, let alone pay for sex, the gorgeous actress decided to forgive him and they dated for several more years before calling it quits in 2000.

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