21 Stars Who Have Hit Rock Bottom


4. Eric Clapton

One of the best guitar players in the history of rock music, Eric Clapton has also had his fair share of troubles (or should we say addictions). The guitar legend was addicted to a number of drugs, while at the same dealing with a serious alcohol problem.

He took his first psychedelic drug in the late 1960’s, and started using heroin just a few years later. He apparently had a drug dealer who, when he sold cocaine to addicts, demanded they also buy some heroin. Clapton has, however, claimed that he only snorted smack because he was too afraid of needles, a phobia that probably saved his life.

When Clapton decided to say goodbye to heroin, the guitarist only ended up replacing one deadly drug with another, in his case, the star returned to his first vice – alcohol. He quickly became worldwide famous as a helpless drunk: Clapton’s addiction went to such extremes that headlines in papers said he was too drunk to even play.

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