11 Divas Who Have Used Shock Tactics To Get Ahead


They shock us, make us cringe, make us hate them, and turn us off all the while they know we can’t stop talking about them – and they use it to their advantage. Here are some divas that have used shocking tactics to further their careers.

1. Miley Cyrus

It’s hard to reconcile the Miley we know with Hannah Montana of the Disney channel. Since then, we have come to know this reigning superstar as the “Twerk Queen” after her performance at the 2013 VMAs. As her videos get racier and her actions more unpredictable, she continues to gain popularity.

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  • Whatdidyouexpect?

    “…outfits made of meet.” Really? Meet? What’s more shocking than the divas in this article is that my second grader has a greater knowledge of spelling and grammar than the so-called writers on this site. I won’t be back.

    • Manny Fuentes

      STRIVEN is suspect too.

    • Herman Vogel

      Oh look, the Spelling/Grammar Police stopped by to make an Azz of themselves,,,Yet Again. Whatever you do moron,,,don’t understand the subject of the post…Never,,you hear, never. Disgusting, Arrogant SOB.

  • fedup

    the shock will be when it hits the news stands that her dad were fuckin% each her and she was sucking his #ick for the last 12 years. now that she is of “age” its only a matter of time until she will admit to engaging in gang bangs with 3-5 men at a time for the last 4 years while sucking di@ks

    • Greg

      A pretty hateful thing to say, how would you know this? Are you peeping in their window?

  • Michyle

    The Shock for Milly will be when she wants to be taken seriously by the Media and Recording industries. and finds out that her “Bad Girl Bimbo” scanky image works against her.

    • Ghost Of Trayvon Martin

      Works against her? She has a Net Worth of 150 million dollars and is in her younger 20s. I doubt she cares about recording companies when she’s doing this by herself. She makes shitty music in my opinion but this teenage girls eat this stuff up. Teenage girls aren’t going away. She’ll proceed to make a ton load of money.

      • Kevin Blankenship

        Sad how the society falls for such made up melodrama as the rise and fall cliche’ crap that is the “Hollywood” machine! The Love-Hate-Redemption falsehood cycle they use creates emotional zombies of our youth. Its no wonder they fawn and fall over the Obama’s and liars, they live for the lies!

      • Herman Vogel

        A lot of other “Stars” had that kind of money too, but in Hollywood you can pizz that away overnight…look at Lohan

    • Herman Vogel

      Whoa, remember, Lady Gaga and Madonna started out this way too, Gaga was a stripper and Ma-Puka was,,,well, herself. Shows the media is just as vile as are these people,,,and they love it too. sad, huh.

  • Dericc Pierce

    Can’t stand Fergie ugly ass!

  • bukoo

    Sinead should be called CUE BALL!

    • Greg

      Bald can be beautiful, my wife lost all her hair for cancer treatment. She was beautiful for sure.

      • Herman Vogel

        You wife sir is NOT Hollywood, she is a lady. Always remember that and NEVER compare her to the trash that haunts our TV and Movies. Please.

  • Greg

    I was thinking we could use a long, pointy stick, add veggies and have GaGa Kabobs.

  • wabbitsan

    Justin Beiber needs to be on that rock bottom list, and I hope the loser stays there (living back in Canada, aye?). Maybe he’ll take Miley Cyrus with him. Another loser.

  • Sgt. Hulka

    Miley is still there.

  • idiocracyrules

    Miley is disgusting and just makes me want to puke. I have never heard or seen her perform and do not ever plan to do so in the future. Who pays for her to perform? She is a train wreck that has already happened.

  • John Vargas

    Miley Cyrus is a tramp, not a singer, actor or model

    • Herman Vogel

      She took what they good Lord GAVE her and Trashed it for dope and good times…sad, huh.

    • LookSheeple

      She had a chance to be a positive role model to young people around the world and she did a deal with the devil. Now she is the way she is, gets attention for the wrong things, and its going to slowly erode her. She is in a deep hole and instead of digging out she is only digging deeper. Money changes people.

  • Hank Seiter

    Just you’re typical, faux self-absorbed narcissists leading self-destructive lives only to come back faking playing other people, making millions and demonstrating what a bunch of nihilistic bleeding-heart tightwads they are while being a part of the bread and circuses to distract from the supreme sociopathic narcissist pretending to be POTUS. Thus proving liberal “progressivism” is the opiate of low-information voters, rubes, pawns and useful idiots.

    BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up one morning to hear Miley Cyrus either committed suicide or died in a state of drug/alcohol intoxication because she jumped off the 15 floor because she thought she could fly. I hope not but she sure looks like she’s on a worst trajectory of self-destruction than Britney Spears.
    So thanks for creating a more decadent society you Hollyweird freaks.

  • Carlin_n_Carlo

    Wow what a coincidence! Fotog pundits batting a thousand with everyone I’d like to see found floating butts-up, face-down, and bloated in a sewage treatment tank.

  • Babs

    wow, the teeth she has NOW, are either implants or dentures because LOOK at her real chompers in this photo. WOW

  • nomnom

    Ummm, the other celebs have dealt with drug addictions, prison time, etc., and Miley takes the case for career choices that made her a shit ton of money? Really?!?!?!?!

  • Carla

    I love gaga she’s the best Miley’s nasty anyways can’t believe I use to adore you Miley

  • Herman Vogel

    A contributing factor in Most of these crashes was Substance Abuse,,,mainly street dope. And Still Hollywood will not admit that it is a danger to our society, still makes movies glorifying it and will NOT help in the fight against it in our society. Sad, huh. They could have done so much to help our country shake this habit that is not only paying for guns, bullets, etc that murder thousands south of our border, but also pay for Terrorists to keep killing the innocent. Disgusting Hypocrites still Demand the Tax Payer to pick up the tab for what this garbage has done to our people.

  • Fillmore J

    How is Sheen not on this list?

  • Pun71

    Fionna Apple, wow, what could I say about this woman. I provided security for her approximately in late 2006. She was a drunken mess – before going on stage, during the performance and afterwards. I would never want to be a celebrity.

  • dialogue1

    Shock value works in a dumbed down society like ours. Anybody can be a pop star once they’re good looking and willing to act nasty. It’s not about talent when it comes to pop and reality stars. The media and public eat it up. Sad!

  • sbaird

    The video to criminal is a little weird but the lyrics are amazing. I stil love that song.

  • shsinger

    Oh yes, my heart just bleeds for all of these people. They had the opportunities to do so much good with their money and their fame and all they could come up with was to get stoned and make public spectacles of themselves. I don’t disagree that being in the entertainment industry is a lot more demanding and exhausting than the average person knows, but there are plenty of A list actors and performers that you don’t see going off the deep end and winding up in the tabloids.