11 Celebrities with the Wackiest Pets


Celebrities like to stand out. It’s in their DNA.
And for many celebrities a normal pet just won’t do. For these folks, hamsters, dogs, cats, goldfish and canaries fail to make the grade. The celebrities with the wackiest pets are:

1. Tracy Jordan

Funny man Tracy Jordan is the proud father of a very large octopus. The former 30 Rock star and his octopus recently starred in an episode of the reality TV show Tanked.

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  • jaebsf

    So, a bachelors qualifies one as being amongst the “most educated” in Hollywood. No surprise there.

  • jarobin87

    Tracy Jordan was Tracy Morgan’s character on 30 Rock.

  • Lilly Bowen

    I love how most of the above mentioned “educated” actors “once were” a student somewhere. How many actually graduated?? Also, if a degree in communications from Northeastern State qualifies as one of the best educations in Hollywood, no wonder there are so many lamebrains there!!

  • Gayle1942

    I think if you tried, you could find celebrities who are much better educated than most of these. I think they only looked at young people — look a little further back and you might find some who are really well educated.

    • Earl

      Gayle, Such as? You seem very sure…

  • respeck4all

    Attending and graduating are to different things. Many schools accept “famous” students just to have them there.