10 Stars Who Aren’t Afraid To Throw Down


Actors fight on movie sets all the time. Rappers boast about violence in their rhymes. Seeing fantasy collide with real life is a little rarer, however. Here are 11 celebs who have had multiple newsworthy fights at some point in their career.

1. Kanye West

One of a handful of artists who isn’t afraid to rough up a paparazzi or two if they get too close, Kanye was recently reported as punching a man in the face after he slammed his girlfriend Kim Kardashian with a racial slur.

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  • Mrteapot

    Haha Shia labouf got his ass kicked in that one filmed bar fight! Remember one guy pulled the other kicking Shia ass

  • Daniel Haire

    Remember that pic of Alec Baldwin was taken 5 seconds AFTER a photographer tried shoving a camera into the face of his newborn baby on the way home from the hospital. Baldwin could have legally done a lot worse.

    • sigyn

      Right? A man bringing his baby home for the first time is probably as hyper-vigilant, and protective as he’ll ever be in his life; and these idiots are jumping out of bushes at them. I’m very surprised this doesn’t happen all. the. time.

      Alec Baldwin is kind of a dick though.