10 Celebs Who Looked Better With Long Hair


Since the days of Mia Farrow, many actresses have donned a version of the pixie cut, boy cut, or bob at some point in their careers. Whether as a fashion statement or simply an escape from maintaining their manes, the look certainly turns heads…but not always in a good way. Here are 11 actresses who may have “pulled it off”, but we wish would put it back on.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

This Oscar winning actress showed up to promotion for the most recent Hunger Games film sporting her current pixie cut, but we’re hoping her beautiful, long hair grows back as soon as possible.

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  • Justin

    I am sorry for this decidedly trollish reply, but who are you to say that any of these young women looked better with long hair? It is precisely this type of nonsense that causes so many young women to have issues with body image. If a man wrote this article he would be branded a misogynist or anti feminine, but this is somehow acceptable? Next time a young woman questions her self worth in front a mirror or is chided for being a few pounds heavier I hope you and others will look to articles such as this and realize other women are their own worst enemy. FYI you could throw Jennifer Lawrence in a burlap sack and she would still be gorgeous along with half the women on this list.

  • Jeffery

    Not a fan of short hair. In my opinion, every woman looks better with long locks.

  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    I am like Beyonce and Niki M. I have naturally long hair but I love pony tail wigs and extension. It help save your natural hair from being damage.

  • A Wild Garden

    JL is the most annoying celebity ever!

  • Deanna Lasater

    So according to this article no woman shut cut their hair short.

  • robger65

    Emma Watson looked gorgeous with the short hair. You wouldn’t know a beautiful woman if she was standing right in front of you, if you didn’t have a tape measure. Maybe try rating attractive men? That might be your calling.

  • Vikki

    I like the way Pamela Anderson looks with short hair.