10 Celebs and Their Historical Doubles


There is an old urban legend that says that everyone has a double or a secret twin somewhere in the world. And some photographic evidence of celebrities and people from the past you they totally look like might be able to prove this notion true.

Is there someone who looks like you out there living a completely different life? Was there someone who looked like you roaming the world centuries ago? Will someone who looks exactly like you be born into to the world long after you are gone? We don’t know. But these photos of celebrities and their historical lookalikes are quite shocking regardless.

1. Nicolas Cage looks like Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg

Nicolas Cage has a lot of lookalikes, apparently. In fact, history books are so full of people who look like Cage that there is a joke going around that he must be a vampire.  In fact, the actor himself taught the only way to stop the rumors of his eternal life is to go on The Late Show With David Letterman and publicly declare he is definitely not a vampire.

But the most prominent historical figure that he resembles is by far the Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg, a.k.a. Maximilian I of Mexico. The brother of the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, Maximilian, with the help of the French, revived the Mexican monarchy and became the Mexican emperor.

The similarity between Nicolas Cage and Maximilian I of Mexico is uncanny – especially around the eyes and the mouth. The actor could also take a cue from his historical lookalike when it comes to facial hair – the emperor sported a beautiful, long beard that suited him perfectly.

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