10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Work


Celebrities love to change their hairstyles. Unfortunately though, not every star’s new hairdo is a winner. These are some that are.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s lengthy layers of downy-soft, silky hair amazes. No matter if the amply-bottomed songstress ties her hair up in a bun, in a ponytail, as a pair of pigtails, or leaves it down, draped and natural, her hair works, works, works.

2. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway’s cute Pixie cut is textured and the perfect fit for the diminutive actor’s angled face and slender frame.

3. Michelle Williams

While we are on the topic of Pixies, let’s not forget to give Michelle Williams her due for her closely cut do.

4. Miley Cyrus

Does Miley Cyrus’s buzz cut actually work? At this particular time in her life, as she distances herself from her Hannah Montana days, it certainly does. That wagging tongue on the other hand does not.

5. Sofia Vergara

Perhaps the only thing that works better than Sofia Vergara’s lips is her hair. The perfectly glossy style harkens back to the hair-iffic seventies. She’s the definiton of a glamurous yet down to earth woman. We would love her without hair, without make up, and most certainly without clothes. A true woman.

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  • Lynn Kleinhenz

    I wish she would stop sticking out her tongue. We get it Miley, Quit it already!

  • Nancie

    Adam West (original Batman) also is magna cum laude

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