10 Celebrities With Genius IQs


People are always joking about celebrities being all kinds of dumb and dense and there is really nothing quite as attention-grabbing as a famous person doing something particularly unintelligent. However, there are quite a few celebs out there that break the mold and that are actually extremely smart.

With this list, we will be looking at some of the brainiest celebrities in the world today. You’ll be surprised that some of these celebs made our list. However, others won’t come as that big of a shocker. Several of these celebs are also very well educated.

1. Quentin Tarantino

You never forget first time seeing Quentin Tarantino speak – whether it’s an interview, a Q&A or a panel of some kind. You realize that one of the biggest directors of our age is also one of the quickest people around, in more ways than one.

He speaks in short rapid bursts with a passion that is rarely seen. You almost get a feeling that you are seeing and hearing him at 1.5 times the speed of that at which you experience normal world. Very soon, you realize that you are listening to a highly intelligent individual who knows where he stands and who is ready to share his opinions with anyone who will listen to him.

He might not always be in the right and his views can sometimes seem almost baffling, but you are always aware that he is one very smart dude. With an IQ of 160, he most definitely is.

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